Our Story

Man staring out windowSeattle in the 1960’s was a unique place for those interested in the coffee culture. New roasters were appearing, coffee shops were popping up, and an industry was reborn. Our roots start with Leo Douglas, the founder of our company. He moved to Seattle in the 1960’s and worked for a company then called Continental Coffee. As he created connections throughout the North West he expanded his knowledge of the coffee world and understood this was a burgeoning industry.

With a desire to return home to Salt Lake City, he packed his bags and his connections to some of the finest coffees the North West had to offer. Upon his return to Utah, he began importing the coffee world of Seattle to the Salt Lake Area. As the population of Salt Lake grew, so did the demand for coffee. Leo soon moved his operation out of his garage in the foothills to a small warehouse just South of Salt Lake.

Our operation has grown just like the city around us. Holding on the to the past is important to us, but so is moving forward with our goals and dreams. We have evolved as a company to not only offer recognized brands, but also our own. With our long-lived tenure, here in Salt Lake we have seen it all and subsequently can do it all when it comes to coffee.

We love becoming our customers one stop for everything coffee.