Green Practices

Our mission to leave things better than we found them is an ongoing and ever changing process. As we learn of new ways and new opportunities to expand our green practices, we pounce. Our roasting process is one of those practices we have continued to develop and better over the years. One of our current roasting options is air roasting. We have fallen in love with this way of roasting our beans we so carefully source. With our air roasters, we can do small batches, lightning fast. This gives us the ability to roast to order even more effectively. How is this any greener than other ways of roasting?  We’re glad you asked, let us explain.  Air roasting uses clean, electrical power to heat the green coffee beans.  The beans jump around inside a glass tube, which allows them to heat almost perfectly even.  The bean has a very consistent roast color from the outside all the way to its center. This process creates a zero emissions environment, making it the cleanest way to roast coffee. This also gives us the ability to small batch roast on an extreme level. Each batch is selected, blended and roasted five or fewer pounds at a time. This helps us monitor each batch with precision and ensure its hand-crafted perfection.

We take great pride in the products we provide and the locations throughout the world from which we source them. Along with our Fair-Trade and Organic coffees, we have our own in-house monitoring process we use called Direct Trade. This process helps us to ensure our products are purchased from farmers and locations that are treated and paid fairly. We think the best way to ensure fair practices and quality beans is to monitor ourselves. We think the best way to make sure quality control is in play is to control our own quality.