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When Leo Douglas started Douglas, it was a hand shake company. It was a company based on relationships and trust.  It was a company that made sure the smallest of customers felt like the biggest of deals.  It was a company that wanted to deliver a quality product in a reliable way.  Since that anthem began in the mid 1970’s we have strived to maintain it.  Current owner Ron Feulner took that same mantra and amplified it.  No request too small, no problem we cannot help a customer figure out.

We don’t think that service should ever be sacrificed for any reason.  Service is a big part of why our company has survived recessions and coffee pricing disasters over four decades.  Even though prices have changed and products have come and gone, we have always been able to rely on the steadfast ability to provide outstanding service.

Over the past 40 years we have not only evolved our coffee to be something incredible, but we back that up with incredible service.  No way, no how, we are going to let one of our customers deal with a coffee crisis on their own.  We get coffee delivered no matter what day or what the circumstance.  We are in this together.

We are not afraid of hard work or thinking outside the box. Problem solving is a big part of finding the perfect coffee solution.  Whether it’s the amount of people you are trying to provide coffee for, water or electrical issues, or just having a hard time deciding on a coffee, we are here for you.  No lame questions, only lame people that don’t have the answers you need.  Coffee is important to you, to the people you provide it for, and to us.  So, let’s work together and create something incredible.


When we first started providing coffee to local businesses, service was something that could be handled by most of our employees that could work a screw driver.  Now we are dealing with a whole different ball of wax.  Coffee brewing equipment has become increasingly advanced and so has the maintenance.  What once was a simple machine with a hot water tank is now a computerized super brewer with capabilities once only found in your local coffee shop.  To say the least…. our service team had to adapt.

We now carry hundreds of coffee machines and all the parts to match.  It’s a pretty insane process of maintaining balance in equipment and parts for servicing equipment, but we take it very seriously.  Coffee brewing equipment can be temperamental and sometimes difficult to diagnose.   Our guys are pros.  They have been doing this for a long time.

Luckily for our customers it’s an all-inclusive package, kind of like those resorts where everything is free.  Such a great feeling when you get that drink poolside and don’t pay a dime for it.  This is how our program works. You buy our coffee products and we maintain the equipment.

Equipment allows the final product to be shared and enjoyed.  It should not be the stressful part of this process.  It should be something we worry about, not you.  So, let us take that headache off your plate and give you piece of mind that if this machine does act up you have a plan in place to get it taken care of in a timely manner.