After getting our feet wet in the Northwest, Douglas Coffee and Distributing moved back home, to Salt Lake. Here we have watched the market change and evolve into a hidden gem of coffee consumption. In the early ’70s, different avenues for coffee began to emerge. Now coffee is available everywhere, enjoyed everywhere and by everyone.

Roasting coffee is a process we enjoy. It gives us complete control over the final product. Blending, roasting, grinding and cupping is just the beginning. We look to build a relationship with each and every customer. Whether it’s a small restaurant that is opening its doors for the first time or a long-standing staple of the community, each coffee is crafted to express the characteristics of its creators.

Coffee is an elemental process, something basic but when done right produces the most incredible results. It should be prepared and consumed right away. There are lots of ways the coffee can be prepared at home, but having the perfect coffee to do this with is key. It is such a basic process, but creates such a unique part of your day and gives you the aroma and flavor you crave.

To see the varieties of coffee you can have delivered right to your door, visit our coffee page. You can join our “Subscription” membership and browse our other coffee wares on our shop, or contact us here. As your coffee roasters from Salt Lake City, we want to provide you with quality, fresh roasted coffee you deserve, delivered right to your home.